Leverage Investigations is a digital forensic investigation company based in Indianapolis, IN. Our services are focused on insurance claim investigations, litigation, and the law enforcement community.

Leverage Investigations provides the information to make the most informed decision. Our investigative forensic resources will provide more digital artifacts and facts to be reviewed. It may simply answer that yes or no question that remains unanswered.  A private detective is an expertly trained information broker. Forensics provides that information on a deeper level, as data acquired from devices like phones, vehicles, Cell Towers and digital clouds. 

We are equipped with the latest forensic and intelligence gathering technology. Knowledge is power and leverage is the upper hand in any situation. Besides tenacity, what differentiates us from others is that we come to you, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Location  

Our Mission

​​We directly provide forensic support to law enforcement, insurance carriers and law firms​.

To Exceed Your Expectations:
Provide best estimate of potential data, analysis results, and how they may possible integrate into your investigations.

To Reduce Fraud:
Insurance fraud is a billion dollar loss that we as everyday consumers pay for in our insurance premiums. Why should we paid for the fraud?

To Provide Answers:
Forensics can provide answers, but often provides another set of questions that only strengthens the investigation.