Preservation of Data2022-04-12T10:05:26-04:00

This is a HOT question!

These demands are being done across the board with no real guidelines.

There really are only 2 ways to preserve Electronic Data.

  • STOP using the device and disconnect it from ANY connectivity.   Leaving it sit unused in the same status as when you received the notice.
  • Get an immediate forensic Extraction of the device

We have a focused topic on this in our blog.

What do you use for Vehicle Forensics?2022-08-24T08:23:51-04:00

This is NOT examining the EDR or (Event Data Recorder) or the Black Box, that is normally done with a Bosch or other branded system relating to only the EDR.  The EDR is traditionally the primary source of data for crash reconstruction.  The data from an infotainment can recover some facts that can assist in crash reconstruction and not available in that EDR download.

We use the only forensics system on the market from BERLA forensics. We are one of a handful of private entities that have been given access to this forensic software, hardware and system.

There is Nothing else than can do this forensic exam.  The majority of OEM brands are covered.  Sorry No Tesla.

Email or call us for a review of your case to see what data might be available for your specific case.


Will a vehicle forensics exam destroy a car?2022-08-24T08:31:51-04:00

Basically, the forensic exam of the infotainment module is non-destructive.  No it will not destroy a car.

Knowing ahead of time the year, make, model, VIN of the vehicle to predict what data may be obtainable and how long the download could take.  It can also determine if the non destructive method is a possibility.

If not accessible in the field, some module can be broken down to a chip level or a “chip-off” forensic exam.  The chip off is destructive process.  This would require replacing the control board within the infotainment module in order for the vehicle to function normally again.  Worse case is that the radio control module would have to be replaced.

With the full vehicle identifying information beforehand, most of the time we can predict if a chip off is the only way to access the data.  Only a small percentage of vehicles have to resort to this.  Also the physical condition of the vehicle may affect the in field acquisition.  If it has been destroyed by fire, chip off may be the only resort.

Email or call with your year make model trim of vehicle to learn the potential

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How much does it cost for a Cellular Forensic exam?2022-08-24T08:09:22-04:00

Our pricing is confidential.

Please contact us with an inquiry to discuss your case. [email protected]

Each case is dependent on location, amount of data , the device information, what your looking for and how much time is spent analyzing the data.

Last minute travel expenses are billed at the cost of travel.

We bill for travel time only.  Not down time. Just time working with device or data

A case is fluid and we plan and adjust accordingly, we may arrive on site and be presented with additional phones or cloud storage that needs acquired.

How long will a phone forensic exam take?2021-09-07T10:12:08-04:00

This is dependent on knowing the make, model and memory capacity of the device as well as functioning condition. Best average is about 1.5 hours but they have gone up to 6 hours.

  • The battery should be as close to  100% as possible.
  • The data (charging port) needs to functioning normally.
  • How much does the device owner use it and for what purpose?
  • What is Memory capacity of the device?


Where are you located?2022-04-12T09:52:03-04:00

We are centrally located just outside of Indianapolis.

If your not familiar with the area.  The Indianapolis office is centrally located in Fishers Indiana.

Our investigators travel all over the state and the country for our clients and cases.    We primarily are an ON SITE / IN-FIELD  service provider.  We come to your case location.

Our Forensic Services work can be done with our mobile lab or via a courier like FED-EX or UPS.  We offer on site service to minimize the down time and inconvenience of someone going without their electronic device or vehicle.

There is NO subcontractor doing our work.  We are the experts that others come to.

Just know that we will help, no matter where you are.

How long does a vehicle forensic exam take?2021-09-07T10:02:07-04:00

Remove or access to the module can take up to an hour or more.
It can take from 10 minutes to 40 hours to download data depending on the vehicle and the system installed.
The car systems are on a can-bus system (network) and process data much slower than what your accustom to on a phone or PC.  imagine it as a 14.4k dial up modem.

How could cell phones and the data contained within help me?2021-09-07T10:14:35-04:00

The majority of people in the modern world use a smart phone.  The flip phone is dead, but we can still get data from those phones.  I can venture to say that if you want real answers, the truth lies in the 1’s and 0’s.  Unless they are a master criminal, the phone will contain evidence you need to get answers, find proof, disprove or prove an allegation.  Or even create new questions to investigated.

Phones now are tracking you and keep records internally of what your doing with that phone, and even what your doing with that phone in your pocket.  As we tell defendant’s in any court case, unless the phone evidence recovery is done correctly it can be rejected as evidence.  Our experts can not only get that data for you , but also act as expert witnesses in review the phone evidence against you.

A person at some point used their phone during an incident under investigation.  Either they were actively involved or coordinating, or just a victim.  There should be data indicating something.


Call us for a free consultation on how a forensics phone exam could benefit you.

Are there any guarantees when it comes to digital forensics?2021-09-07T10:17:40-04:00

The truthful answer is NO.

With a vehicle you can predict accurately what data types are potentially recoverable, based upon year, make and model of the car.  Same with a phone.

With a phone or tablet, the device could of been wiped, destroyed or altered prior to the exam.  Some steps to remove data cannot be overcome with standard forensics.

The only guarantee is that data obtained will be documented correctly, easily reviewed and analyzed.