Case Description

Almost everyone has an online footprint or presence of some kind, some more than others.  Our experts can find that trail and capture it for review.  New Federal rules of evidence are coming and a print screen of a Facebook post is not digital evidence.  We can capture and preserve various social media platforms as well as email content and even complete web pages.  All artifacts has digitally hashed and preserved.  We can even document changes that are made by using ongoing monitoring of activity.

People talk too much and post way to much, do we really care about photos of someone’s diner?  Well if you had someone claim to have been made sick by your restaurant’s food, and the that person is posting a meal from someplace else, that might be important.  The social media posting can create a timeline and put someone at a particular place as a specific time.

My suggestion for social media is don’t do it.

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Sometimes you just have to use it in this day and age, but be safe with it.