Case Description


Do you need to prove negligence?  Are there some issues in your client’s Injury claim that need to be investigated?  Do you have enough evidence to present in court? We can provide the investigative support to uncover facts and circumstances related to the injury.  From both sides of this issue the facts need to presented and eliminate the suspicions and guess work about how something happen.

Typically this is a investigation of the scene, circumstances, facts, and people involved in slips & falls, as well as employee accidents while on the job.  Gathering the evidence as soon as it happens either proves you are nto at fault or maybe the settlement discussions should start.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know this before you get into court.  Imagine how bad it would be if you had a witness statement or a belief that a situation happened one way, but the video surveillance or the witness is no longer available.  Do it right the first time and contact us for a free consultation.