CDR Tower Data Report Mapping & Investigations.

CDR Tower data reports come from the phone carriers themselves.  They are only available with a Search Warrant, or other Court order.  After acquiring the data, processing it can be extremely complex.  We researched and experimented with various systems and landed on Cell Hawk and hawk analytics forensic software.  It is robust, accurate and defendable in court.

It provides Cell tower plotting and direction antenna representation.  It will plot location data from the carrier.  There is a time lapse feature to “play back estimate travel over the time frame of records.

Some important data reports we provide.

Top contacts – How and when they communicated.

First and last – Last tower and first tower each day.  This is to answer the old question of where do they put their head down at night.

Top Towers – What towers are the most used in the time frame of the records provided.


Some important facts to get better data.

Get appropriate and current specifications correct on your preservations and court orders.  Don’t miss out on data by not including it or not using correct language.

  • Make sure you asking for everything possible from the carrier.  If  you don’t ask,  they wont tell you or just give it to you.
  • Contact us for the MOST current technical specifications ( carrier specific)

Make sure you know who the carrier or sub-carrier ( reseller) of the cellular service is.

Get full tower data sheets, even if the carrier imbeds them in to the standard CDR spreadsheet CDR report.

Get the Tower ID and location records that correspond to the time frame of your records request.  The towers and the antenna have constant changes being made to them over time for the carriers to better serve their clients and coverage needs.