Typically the accident reconstructionist world takes physical measurements, possible video and data obtained from the little black box or crash recorder in order to rebuild the series of events.  They may also utilize engineering specialist related directly to the vehicle it self or mechanics to review what’s left after the accident.  Now the term Vehicle Forensics means more and can be applied to more investigations.

With the newest release from Berla, the OBD port and the initial OEM of FORD, Forensic experts can access more data thru the CanBus network before the infotainment system is even looked at.

The biggest point is key records found showing how many keys are programmed to be used with the vehicle.  How about know VIN numbers from across 10-15 different electronic system.  We have just begun to open this new set of data points from the OBD port and CANBUS system.

If you have ANY investigations that involves the use of car please call us for free consult on what possible may be available through Vehicle forensics, Infotainment forensics and this NEW Can BUS system acquisition.