The majority of people in the modern world use a smart phone.  The flip phone is dead, but we can still get data from those phones.  I can venture to say that if you want real answers, the truth lies in the 1’s and 0’s.  Unless they are a master criminal, the phone will contain evidence you need to get answers, find proof, disprove or prove an allegation.  Or even create new questions to investigated.

Phones now are tracking you and keep records internally of what your doing with that phone, and even what your doing with that phone in your pocket.  As we tell defendant’s in any court case, unless the phone evidence recovery is done correctly it can be rejected as evidence.  Our experts can not only get that data for you , but also act as expert witnesses in review the phone evidence against you.

A person at some point used their phone during an incident under investigation.  Either they were actively involved or coordinating, or just a victim.  There should be data indicating something.


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