Case Description

Was a phone being used before, during or after an event for planning, coordinating or completing tasks for the critical event?  Most likely YES is was being used, but was it involved in the event?  Find potential answers as to the actual involvement of a person and their phone related to what ever case your investigating.

Do you believe there is evidence that can help you in a civil or criminal hearing? Did you have a text message that is lost?  Wondering what employees are doing with company phones that could put you at risk for civil lawsuits?  If you own the equipment or are paying & reimbursing the employee for a phone then its your data, on your phone, they simple may retain the phone number.  We can extract data after an employee is terminated, don’t give them the physical phone.

Cell phone usage is growing by leaps and bounds and the smart phone technology available is advancing every day, which presents you with more questions than answers. We can provide certified experts to recover data on today’s smart phones as well as older style flip phones. Our military grade equipment can recover deleted data as well. Please call and ask to speak with or Techs whom can walk you through what information is needed to secure that lost evidence. WE can bypass phone locks and recover deleted data from current smart phones, older style “dumb” phones and even pay-as-you go phone. We can also recover information from tablets and GPS devices.

The results from these forensics exams of phones and tablets are astounding.  A simple flip phone with NO advanced data can prove or disprove a timeline of events, cause the person to have to change the lie, and downright scare them into telling the truth.

This is one of those investigative techniques that is too involved to explain properly.  Give us a call for free consultation on your problem and lets just see what this might provide in answers.