How To Detect Spyware on a Phone and remove it.

The only way to be 100% certain is to completely WIPE and factory reset you phone, then immediately put security features in place. This will not confirm its presence, but only stop phone spying from continuing from that point on. Our forensic exam can determine if spyware is present. Once you know, there are other “actions to take”. Please contact us for options. Do NOT do the wipe then content of the phone with a factory reset and then expect us to find out if it was infected!

*one caveat to that is if the phone has malware or spyware embedded in the ROM memory.  Meaning it was installed within the operating system of the phone within the software on the chips.  A reset will simply re-install when the phone boots it’s original operating software.  Finding this indicates you need more than a private investigator!

AS we mentioned in Facts & Myths of cell phones, someone needs to physically have possession of your phone (WITHOUT SCREEN LOCK ACTIVATED) to install monitoring programs. It takes less then 5 min, but the device needs to be in their hands. There are some NON-COVERT monitoring programs for kids than can be “pushed” out from the google play store to a phone or device, but they still require someone configure the setup on the device once it has been remotely installed. But again these are in plain sight (not really spy programs) and anyone can see them if they look at their apps, and most have a pop up that warn user that activity is being monitored. Its not like on the TV show Person of Interest when they blue jack a phone from feet away.