Urban Legends with explanations

Myth:  A cellular extraction or exam can recovery everything that has happened on that device.

Truth: A cellular extraction is limited by the model and operating system.  Some phones vary even between carriers, what is possible on a Samsung Note on verizon is not the same as what can be done on Samsung Note on Sprint network.  The quick answer to most Cellular forensics questions about what is or isn’t possible is “sometimes”.

Myth:  Spyware can be installed from a phone call, or a text message etc.

Truth:  Malware can be installed this way, but true “Spyware” Requires physical access to the device and a screen lock password if so equipped.  (Screen lock your phones)

Myth:  Cellular Forensics is just like Computer Forensics.

Truth:  It is only similar in its title.

Myth:  A “data Recovery” of activity on a cell phone or smart phone is “goof Enough” for court.

Truth: NO, data recovery is just recovery.  Forensics is the recovery and documentation of data, proving it was actually on the phone.  Text message, photos, and other things on a cell phone can be faked.  as well as faking a picture or screen shot of evidence.