When you walked out to your car today, did you even pull out a key before starting it?  You probably just pushed a button.  Did it announce your name and start playing your favorite I-Tunes song?  Did you answers a call or tell the car to send a text message to someone?  You probably know the way home but did you ask for GPS directions to a different destination?  Did you turn on the lights or wipers, did a passenger get in the front seat?  How long sis you sit in your car before you put it in gear and drove off.

A forensics examiner with the right tools can answer everyone of those questions without breaking a sweat and provide even more details.  New forensics software is now decode the near 25Gb of data that your car is generating per day.

When it comes to proving or disproving an event or a person involvement, the Car Forensic reports are going to rapidly catch up to the level of phone forensics that are being used in today’s civil and criminal investigations.  Besides sleeping and eating the next 2 greatest consumer of our time and attention  ( Besides work) is driving and messing with a smart phone.  With these new forensic advances we can now decode two-thirds of your life’s behaviors.

Insurance companies will be able to use this software to quickly determine if an owner was involved in a fraudulent claim.  Quicker investigations can be done with staged or faked accidents, including the old Jump-In accidents where multiple people claimed to be in a car they were never in.  Pretty easy to prove when you know when a car started driving, where it was, what key-less Fab operated the car, when it stopped, when doors opened.