Stealing or hijacking your SIM or  “Phone Number” is a huge threat with serious potential ramifications.  Think of how many secure accounts are connected to your phone number.

We have seen these cases, especially with small businesses.  They were using a cellular line for business and through social engineering,  a hacker was able to get access to the phone line and diverted it. Which in turn led to multiple other data breeches within this company’s digital operations. Once they own our cell phone they get the “RESET” capabilities for your emails, social media and other digital clouds. DON”T use a business line to maintain these 2 step authentication features.

Once they have your phone, resetting passwords to email and online accounts is simple.  They use the 2 step authentication process against you.

Sim hijacking is where someone gets access to your phone account and then orders new SIM cards under your account and puts them into their own phones.  In essence stealing your phone number.  It is also referred to as “Phone number port out scam”.  Once they have access to phone and control to your phone number, they can access a wide variety of other platforms from social media to you banking apps.  All they have to do is select forgot password and send the reset to the phone number already listed on your various account.  That number they now control.