Don’t be concerned or dismiss the possibility of a Berla Download of infotainment systems based on a vehicle fire.

Its pretty obvious which one of these has potential to recover data.. BUT you’d be surprised.

Yes the first one is a Tahoe / Yukon that had accelerant inside the truck, specifically in the 4 seats.  The module we wanted was under the glove box.  It was NOT recoverable.  If there was less damage to simply the passenger area of that truck it would of been possibility.  or if the fire had been in the Rear seat or cargo area.

The other 3 are from a less intense vehicle fire NOT focused in the front seating you can see there is some cosmetic issues, But depending on the vehicle, the screen itself is NOT a needed component to download data from infotainment module.  It just gives a visual confirmation that the system is running, even with the internal damage.

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