CDR report from cellular carriers contain large amount of data that is accurately being utilized in many criminal and civil court cases. The historic tower data from a carrier can be decoded, plotted and phone can be located. The tower information which contains Antenna and azimuth information which tells what side of various towers a device was connected to.

Beyond the tower information, it also shows device changes (sim swaps), communication logs and IMEI (International mobile equipment identifier) information.
With the proper analysis a pattern of life and integrations around a specific date, location or another person can be reviewed and charted. A social graph can be generated to show connections and this data can also be layered with actual cell phone forensic dumps as well as Google or Apple cloud data sets to help completed the picture. Even to find things that have been missed.
We proudly use Cell Hawk forensic software. After researching the various systems available we found it is the gold standard.