Preservation letters and Search warrants.

Having problems getting good CDR  (Call Data Records) data returns from carriers?  Have you reviewed the wording for the paperwork?  We can offer carrier specific templates for preservation letters and search warrants to get the maximum data allowable by these request. Don’t miss data by not including the proper terminology.  While we are not attorney’s these templates are for example of the most current wording and technologies that the cell phone carriers are using in their networks.

These are historic records and not part of ongoing surveillance.  You will only get back data that falls within the specified time ranges.  This data can contain contact phone numbers from called and texted numbers as well as call durations.  It will also contain tower geo-location records and antenna connection records for each tower the device connected to.  Some carriers still have the capability to produce some limited content of text messages.  That is dependent on how far back the records request goes.

The Preservation letter is critical before there is any legal action. Put the carrier on notice to prevent spoliation of evidence. This gets you a critical stop loss of data and then allows for time for the follow-up legal documents to be presented and evidence obtained.  These records are not obtainable from the carrier on your own account without a signed judges order.


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