As we continue in the digital revolution and our smart phones become a seamless extension of our brain and lives, any investigator either criminal or civil, cannot overlook the potential data contained within those portable electronic devices. This service and fact gathering process is become the norm in an insurance claim investigations.
Our phone, computer and vehicle forensics services will provide quicker access to data for SIU and claims adjusters to make more informed decisions on claims. It simply provides the same information that is going to be requested from the insured in a quicker and more accurate report. Phone records from cell phone carriers are becoming obsolete and often limited to what is on the detailed billing. Even that data, often is not even containing simple records of whom text messages were sent to and from.
Don’t confuse this with CDR (Call Data Records) which refers to tower data that cell phone carriers will provide upon request in a legal action or court subpoena ( or warrant). While these CDR records often will contain tower data, they still have to be plotted and take time to acquire.

Did we mention that there is the possibility of importing CDR records into a forensic examination of a phone. It can overlaid with a data dump and produce 1 graphical interface (depending on phone and what forensic dump is available).

Our services will show that you took every reasonable step to investigate the claim, and the statement or explanations that the insured party has made.  Stay ahead of the industry.


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