Yes we can help with a runaway or missing person. They are two separate things based upon the answer, do they want to be found? Or have they just dropped off the radar and are not actively trying to evade detection? ( fallen off the grid)
Last season that was an interesting show on network TV called Hunters, it gave real life insight into what someone actively fleeing or trying to avoid being found faces. Again, TV rolls up weeks of work into 42 minutes of dramatic footage, but it does show the extent some people will take to hide out.  It also showcased some technology that is only available to law enforcement when it comes to fugitives.

Lets first examine why they are missing, I would start with the first 3 categories.
-Missing of their own choice, or
-Missing because someone is forcing them.

You need to first gain some initial intelligence.

What have they taken with them?
Evaluate whom is helping them if anyone. What is the missing persons level of intelligence or experience or planning?  What does their “enabler” know?
What financial resources do they have?  How are they going to access that?  What communication do they have with “enabler” and others?
How long did they have to plan this?  What if any is final destination?

Have you broadcast the missing person on social media?  Should you?  Have you identified the “enabler” how much intelligence have you shared with them?

These are all things we can assist on and more that we are not going to lay out on public forum.

Please call if you need help.