People post and people troll.  How or when does trolling become stalking.  We cannot answer that fairly because any good private investigator knows where to find and preserve evidence or records found on social media.  We spend a lot of time trolling and watching cat videos or my favorite the epic failure videos.

On investigation is not just finding the social media post, but proving it occurred.  I’m not talking just taking a screen print or snag-it and converting into a picture file.  That is NOT ADMISSIBLE in a court room.  There are ways to do it right and ways to do it that will embarrass your clients in court.  We prefer to do it right.

But first you need to FIND them!  Searching for a social media account on any platform require preexisting intelligence about the subject we are looking for.  Without it you might as well google Soccerparent2017, facebook and see what you get.  We have systems and software that can help find those people whom don’t use there real name for their public profiles.  It takes hours to do it right, people are getting smarter about using their real names online.  We sift through multiple accounts and connect the dots to create an arrow that leads back to who we want.

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